St. Martin’s Island is a small island in the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal. It is the only coral island of Bangladesh and one of my most favorite vacation destination inside Bangladesh. There are lot of fun things you can do here.

1. Hiking to Chera Dip

Chera Dip is the southest part of the island. Infact it is an island within an island. During high tide, it turns into a separate island. During low tide when water retreats it connects with the main island with a narrow strip of path enough to walk.

Most people will go to visit Chera dip by boats or trolars. But I’ll suggest you to become bit more adventurous and go to or come back from chera dip with your foots. Be careful, when the tide is coming the path will be drowned in water. So you need to adjust your time to go and come back according to tidal schedule. I did it twice. Once was to return from Chera dip through the east coast. It is sandy and dusk. The sun was setting on the west where moon was rising on the east. Very hard to forget.

Another time I did it was to jog with my friend through the rocky and coral rich west coast. It took little under 1 hour. Then we rushed to return to the main island when tidal water was coming back from all directions and we we were running as fast as we can to beat water. :p

2. Stand on the south most land of Bangladesh

Keeping heading south on low tide on Chera dip. You’ll end up at the south most land of Bangladesh. After that there is nothing but blue ocean.

3. Fly kites

Flying kites in the windy sea beach is my one of the most favorite things to do. You can buy these kites at local shops near the jetty.

4. Ride a bicycle on sunset or a full moon

Ride on a bicycle when sunsets is one of the must do things here. You can hire bicycle in hourly rate anywhere in the island. Generally west coast is better to drive than other places as it is less sandy. On a full moon you can even do it after dusk.

5. Enjoy the full moon

St. Martin’s island is one of the best places in Bangladesh to enjoy full moon.

6. Enjoy a moonless night

While most people will go for enjoying a full moon at St. Martins, a moonless night is no less beauty! In absence of moon and being far away from city light pollution, you can enjoy the spectacular view of thousands of stars staring at you. If observed carefully you can also separate milky way from rest of the stars.

7. Taste coconut water

Never forget to taste one of the best coconut waters or ‘dab’s of Bangladesh here

8. Eat fresh fishes

Most importantly never forget to taste the fishes. Those are fresh and cheap. Taste as many as you can.

9. Enjoy the golden sunset

No words to describe this. Only pics!