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Criteria for cutting people off from my life

I have decided to cut off few people from my life. I could have thought of many but eventually ended up with these three critical criteria.

  1. Judgmental: You judge other people’s choices. You don’t know any details of other people’s life but always find a way to decide if he/she is a success or failure based on your terms. You don’t stop here; you let the other person know how you think of them with your judgmental remarks.
  2. Hole-Hunter: No one is perfect, neither is you. But you point the finger at other people’s weaknesses. You suffer in insecurities to such an extreme that the only way to release some dopamine in your shit head brain is finding out imperfections of others. Over time, this habit has got into your subconscious mind, and you don’t even know how toxic you are, Mr. Hole-Hunter.
  3. Double Face: The most dangerous creature in this world is you. You try to maintain a smiley face for both parties. You work as an information collector by being friendly and then pass information to the other party to be nice to them. Once I realize you are an insect of this family, you will have no place for me.

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