Lets say you have a smartphone. You love to have all the latest features the world has to offer. You run hard to avail the latest model. Then you desperately try to keep all the softwares updated. Now how would you feel if the operating system of your 2019 model phone is Android Gingerbread from 2010?

Or lets say you own a latest model laptop in 2019. How would you feel if your laptop is running on ancient Windows 95?

Sounds so silly right? Books, my friend is an update to your brains operating system.

You are so desperate to update your phone’s operating system but you pay no attention to update your brain’s operating system?

How silly is this?

May be you have a very myopic view about the world around you that you are not even aware of. May be you could have done something really better if you had known the right things in right time. So why don’t invest in improving your knowledge about everything? There are two ways to improve knowledge about something. One is by doing mistake and learning from your mistakes and the second is learning from other’s mistakes. The only way you can learn about other’s mistakes is by reading a lot of books. You would simply run out of time if you want to make all the mistakes by yourself.

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